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Netaheat - identifying your model

Before trying to work out what might be wrong this yours, it is important to properly identify your Netaheat, as each version works in a different way and reading up on a slightly different model to yours can be really misleading. 

Netaheat Original:

Firstly, the rarest version of all is a Netaheat ‘Original’, and unsurprisingly I can’t find a photo of one to show you. It looks superficially the same as the MkII and MkIIF illustrated in the section below, but without “MkII” or MkIIF” printed on the lower cover. The labelling on the lower brown and silver metal cover just says “Netaheat 10-16” or “Netaheat 16-22”. Nothing else.

Netaheat MkII and MkIIF:

This is a Netaheat MkII. The Netaheat MkIIF looks identical. 

Here is a close-up of the control panel showing the model and size labels. The model label is on the left, identifying the Netaheat as a Mk II. The size label stating “Netaheat 10-16” in this case, is on the right and identifies this Netaheat as a size 10-16. 

The two size options are 10-16 (adjustable from 10kW up to 16kW) and 16-22 (16kW to 22kW). 

Netaheat Electronic:

This is a Netaheat Electronic. Not a great photo, this one is showing the classic heat-darkening of the front panel for which the Netaheat Electronic is well-known. (The front panel gets very hot when the boiler is running.)

And here is a close-up view showing where to find the boiler size and the model, in this case an Electronic 16-22. There is a tinted perspex sliding panel on the Electronic model which slides to the left and covers the control knob. Not that easy to see in photos.

Netaheat Profile:

Above, a view of a Netaheat Profile and below, close-ups of the two identifying names printed on the controls cover.

The Netaheat Profile was later re-named simply “Profile”. The Potterton Profile is technically the exact same boiler as far as I can tell. The only difference appears to be the printing on the front of the boiler. 

If you'd like me to fix your Netaheat or Potterton Profile, call or text my mobile, 07866 766364.


By the way I’m based in Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire (near Hungerford) and these are the areas I cover: Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Sussex, West London, Wiltshire.

Call or text me on 07866 766364


If your boiler has broken down contact me for free help and advice by phone or text. I can arrange to visit and repair if necessary.


 If you book a visit I shall wear a face covering (and gloves where practical), and observe social distancing.

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Photograph of Potterton Netaheat MkII boiler
Potterton Netaheat controls panel illustrating details of model
Potterton Netaheat Electronic boiler showing heat staining of front panel
Potterton Netheat controls area showing identifying labels
Photo of Potterton Netaheat Profile boiler
Potterton Netaheat Profile name label "Netaheat"
Potterton Netaheat Profile name label "Profile"
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